Clara Hali

STACK, 2016

Bronze and corten steel
56 x 56 x 245cm 

Clara Hali

Image: Keith Maxwell

STACK is the amalgamation of landscape and yoga into a figurative form. The Blue Mts geology symbolizes the duality of fragility and strength in humans, while yoga represents the struggle to find balance.

The dramatic topography of the Blue Mountains reflect the precarious balance of the human condition. The steep slopes of the Katoomba rainforest with massive boulders tumbling down are the perfect landscape for a ‘stack’ at the bottom.

This is relevent to my own life and, I expect, to many peoples lives.

Yoga means union. Yoga brings about a deeper awareness and, is essentially about the awakening of the subconscious mind through a series of asanas (postures). Yoga develops self-control of body and mind with the final goal being self-realisation. Yoga aims to find equilibrium in even the most difficult situations. Life, for most of
us, is about finding balance physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

STACK , a figure in the yoga pose of Shirsasana (headstand), is about that precarious balance.
 “Stack”  an ordered pile or heap