Monumentum, 2016

In site installation with plexiglas, photography transfer on fabric and nylon thread
250 x 250 x 250cm

Claire Becker

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Monumentum is an installation of hundreds of white butterflies that are all converging in one place, “spontaneously” and “momentarily” forming a human skull while resting on rusty rods that suggest an ongoing, unfinished, undefined construction. This piece reflects on the fugacity of life and the futility of most of our life’s constructions, since with few exceptions, we eventually leave them unfinished, misunderstood and bound to be trashed and forgotten. A skull is only proof of humanity, not individuality; our existence in the physical realm as individuals will vanish; few individuals however, do not care to leave a mark in that physical world and prefer to find the path to escape altogether from its life and death cycle. The colored butterflies that escape from the “third eye” of the skull in a spiralling movement upward, symbolize that, as human beings, we have the possibility to free ourselves from our physical envelope that is bound to decay and return to nature, and recognize our immortality as part of the divine creation. The contrast of an absurd construction in a stunning natural environment and real-looking butterflies attracted to it, enhances the preciousness of life and questions our freedom to choose meaningfulness over uselessness.