Gyres, 2016

MEDIUM  Polyethylene
DIMENSIONS  200cm diameter each


This installation objective was to create awareness of the affect and effect of plastic on our environment.

For this project my aim was to visually represent the five gyres found in our oceans. Gyres are immense spirals gathering plastic trash. Their spiral movement combined with the elements shred plastic into the micro-pieces we find in the natural environment. This plastic is not only a threat to marine and wildlife but also to the human population, affecting our food chain.

Five giant white spiral forms are created from white plastic streamers, these streamers are hand-cut from plastic (polyethylene) milk bottles. This pliable material vibrates in the wind and creates a soft sound. The white, semi-opaque plastic allows sunlight to stream through and causes it to glow.

My aim was to embrace the environment and allow for the flow of plastic to sit, by its materiality, in a contrasting way within the landscape. I also intend to visually add to the conversation of single-use, plastic waste pollution by reconnecting the audiences to this worldwide issue and inspire them to take action, even if they are simple daily actions within their own homes.