Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer

Mega Pixel Power Plant, 2017

Aluminium, wood,  plastic, string
Dimensions variable

Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer

Image: Keith Maxwell

The Mega Pixel Power Plant is an extremely hardy perennial plant species and a close relative of the Instaneous Gratificaticus.

This species might have originated in the Silicon Valley area in the USA.

Currently it’s spreading across the globe at a fast  pace.

It is a saprophyte feeding on bauxite,  fossil fuel and human brain energy.

The MPPP has a mass of shiny spikes radiating from a black core and is often found suspended from trees by long black smooth vines. It bears a mass of cube-shaped fruits on the tips of the shiny spikes.

Each one of the fruits has its own unique broad band colour pattern.

The fruit resembles the sugary liquorice all sorts and they are considered highly addictive.

Once ingested they strongly influence one’s perception of the world.

This plant grows from seed and spreads readily by dropping the ball like mass of spikes.

The closely related Instantaneous Gratificaticus grows on top of long erect black trunks.

The MPPP might be considered a pest by few,  but most of us will be enchanted by its sparkling shiny stems and the brightly coloured fruit.