Freya Jobbins

#OTT, 2018

Toy installation with plastic assemblages
Dimensions variable

Freya Jobbins

Image: Keith Maxwell

#ott  ‘Something done outrageously over what it needs to be’. 
#flamboyant #toomuch #tryingtoohard #dotheyreallyneedallofthis? #tryingtokeepupwiththeJones’
#needtokeepupwithlatestfad #needmoretoystheydonthaveenough #howaboutanotherBarbiedoll

Consumerism becomes excessive when it extends beyond what is needed. Do our kids really need all these toys? All the toys here were rescued from Vinnies, Lifeline, Salvos, garage sales and donations.

Consumption culture that surrounds us begins to make excessive consumption appear natural and normal and we are now passing this onto the next generation, with the excessive amount of toys that we purchase for our kids.

This is leading to overfilled drawers and cupboards, bigger toy boxes, heaps of trips to Vinnies, bigger kids bedrooms, rumpus rooms, extensions, bigger houses………… It promises happiness, but never delivers.

Instead, it results in a desire for more… a desire which is promoted by the kids at school and friends and family.

A culture built on consumption must produce an ever-changing target to keep us spending money and we have nearly perfected that.  Every year, a new line of toys is released with the latest kid’s movie. And the only way to keep up is to purchase the latest toys and trends when they are released………….or remove yourself from the pursuit altogether.